What about events and conferences?
Hello everyone. Cambodia has entered the rainy season, and the rain has been increasing. The weather is gradua […]
3 facts about BasisPoint Cambodia Coworking Space
How is your day? How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine and everything is going smoothly as it has been […]
Want to place your own products on BasisPoint Cambodia?
Hello everyone. We are entering the rainy season in Cambodia, are you ready for the rain? Make sure you bring […]
What is your plan for the upcoming May?
It has been awhile since the latest blog. How are you guys doing? How was your Khmer New Year holiday? It was […]
When does your Khmer New Year work start?
Hello everyone. How is your Khmer New Year? It’s been raining, but please take your time and rest your b […]
Business during Khmer New Year!!
Hello everyone. Khmer New Year is approaching in Cambodia, have you already made your plans? If you’re s […]
Budget saved by the weekday plan
It’s been a while since I’ve been concentrating on writing a new blog. How are you guys doing? The weath […]
3 best things about co-working space over a coffee shop
We all have witnessed the growth of coworking space in recent years. The officer or employees don’t have to go […]
Can coworking spaces be used for study?
Recently, we have often seen an increase in student store visits. Why do you think that is? I would like to ex […]
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