Coworking space for business trips
Hello everyone in Japan!   In Cambodia, it has been said that if you have been vaccinated, you will be qu […]
Do you know where we can have a meeting?
Hello everyone!   Pchum ben is over and the city is slowly coming back to life!   Vaccinations are u […]
About the Vaccination Card in Cambodia
Hello everyone!   I hope you’re all feeling well now that Pchum Ben is over!   In Phnom Penh, […]
Get ready to start in November!
Hello, everyone.   It has been raining since October, how is it?   It’s been raining so hard t […]
Rent an office now!
Hello everyone!   I’m sure you’re all starting to get back into the swing of things now that […]
What makes you choose coworking space?
Hello everyone!   It’s been a cool day with some rain.   The temperature has suddenly dropped, […]
Has CoronaVirus changed your life?
Hello!   Pchum Ben Festival is coming up, are you ready for it?   I’m sure everyone in Cambodi […]
Five main things to consider when traveling for business
Hello everyone!   It’s been raining a lot, but how are you doing?   CoronaVirus is slowly calm […]
Three important things to remember about presentation
Hello everyone!   This is BasisPoint Cambodia!   Today I’d like to share with you three import […]
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