What makes BasisPoint Cambodia Co-working Space Popular
Hello everyone!!!   How are you doing? I hope you are all doing great, let’s not get sick,and stay away f […]
What can co-working space be used for?
It’s been a while since I’ve been concentrating on writing a new blog. How are you guys doing?   Th […]
We have changed the image of meeting rooms in Cambodia
Have you ever used a meeting room? In fact, many people have never used a meeting room. Today, we would like t […]
The state of Co-working Space in Cambodia
The Covid19 continues to this day and many companies continue to be affected. This pandemic has drastically ch […]
Brown Coffee Plan at BasisPoint Cambodia
Hello everyone! Take care everyone, it’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week! Maybe that’s a […]
3 uses for banquet halls in BasisPoint Cambodia
Hello everyone.   It is getting very hot, how are your physical condition? Don’t overuse the air co […]
A New Way to Work from BasisPoint Cambodia (Hybrid Work)
Hello everyone! It’s starting to get a little hotter here, which means we’re going to need some ai […]
I’d prefer a remote preview of BasisPoint Cambodia!!
Hello everyone!   The CoronaVirus is spreading again in Cambodia, how is everyone doing? Let’s make […]
Coworking space for startups in Cambodia?
Hello everyone!   I’ve noticed that a lot of businesses are starting up in Cambodia lately. It seem […]
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