2021.01.21 What is co-working spaces??

Hello, everyone!!


It’s getting cold in Cambodia, how is it?

Today I would like to introduce co-working space.

Do you know what is co-working space?


It is a place where many people with different professions are working in the same place.

Freelancers who don’t have an office or are working for a company are mainly using it.


Coworking spaces have main advantages!!!


①There are no initial costs.

There is no need to prepare tables, chairs, or anything else.
You can start working right away!


②You can drink for free.

Coffee, Milo, Pepsi, Mocha, Lemon Tea…
We have everything!



③No electricity or water bills.

It’s unlimited use…


④Unlike cafes, there is little noise and you can concentrate on your work because everyone is working.

There are separated areas and it’s very quiet.


⑤You can meet people from other industries and have business op

Many people come here every day, so you can get to know them.


⑥Wi-fi (Max 300Mbps) is available for free.

It’s the fastest in Cambodia…..


⑦Monthly contract is available for $4-5 per day.

You can choose the plan that suits you best.


⑧No vacations, so you can work with peace of mind.

Operating time 9:00~22:00    365days 


⑨There are a lot of books here.

There are only a few books in English, but we will increase the number of books in English and Khmer in the future!


There are many more good points, but please come and check them out for yourself!

Please give it a try!

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Thank you so much PPBP!!
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