2021.02.19 What is the difference between BasisPoint and a cafe?

Hello Everyone!!
I am BasisPoint Cambodia.

BPC is specially designed to make your life easier.

“I want to spend some time with a cup of coffee,”
“The cafe I usually use is full, so I want to use this place.”

We feel that many of our first-time customers use our shop as an alternative to a café.

In this article, I will introduce the advantages of BPC over cafes!!


1. Each person has a large and comfortable space.

The first thing that surprises people who come to BasisPoint with an image of a café is the ease with which they can work.

Some people visit cafes to concentrate, to take a break in a quiet environment, or to have a calm meeting.


However, there must be many people who have experienced difficulty working …… due to the amount of talking and noise, and the distance between them and the people next to them.

Cafes in the city center are especially small, and when they are crowded, it’s hard to take a break or have a business meeting if you have to share chairs and luggage with others to get a seat …….


Many coworking spaces, including BasisPoint, have spacious seating, so you can spread out your computer and materials and still work comfortably!


2. Power and internet access are available.

Nowadays, wireless LAN is available in almost all cafes. However, when it is crowded, the connection can be bad or interrupted. ……


In coworking spaces, you can basically use multiple powerful Wi-Fi. (300Mbps)

Also, in cafes, you can often find yourself fighting for a seat with a power source. ……


In a coworking space, there is basically enough power for everyone to use without stress, so you don’t have to worry about your PC running low on battery.

By the way, at BasisPoint, we have a power supply for every seat!


3. Various payment methods such as credit card, ABA, Acleda, etc. can be used.

There is no need to bring money with you in BP.
You can even use the stores with just your cell phone.

If you don’t carry cash in Cambodia, you should definitely try it!



4. What do you need suddenly?

A sudden call from a customer.

We’ve got everything you need.
Cell phone chargers, LAN cables, etc.!



The summary of the totalization result

What do you think?


Of course, there are many advantages to cafes as well, so please try to use them according to your situation and mood.


You’ve thought about using a coworking space ……!

We’re waiting for you at BasisPoint!

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