2021.03.11 Why don’t you try the VIP room?

Hello everyone!!

I am BasisPoint Cambodia.

Corona is still going on, how is it going?
BasisPoint is not letting Corona get the best of us, and we are getting a lot of customers.



Today, I’d like to introduce you to our   VIP rooms.

Have you ever used a VIP room?


The word “VIP” may make you nervous, but it is actually a very convenient room.

Today, I’d like to introduce the VIP room at BasisPoint, so please take a look!



1/What is VIP meeting room?

Yes!!!  VIP meeting Rooms are extremely beautiful and delicate and have been designed to blend stylish decor of smooth colors and splendid and expensive-looking furnishings, featuring wooden executive desk and a set of sofa.

Located on the 1st floor overlooking the stunning views of the Phnom Penh’s city and night light. This luxuriously decorated room features as below.

2/How many VIP room do you have?

We have 2 VIP meeting rooms

-VIP A Capacity is 10 People

– VIP B Capacity 12 people





3 / Purpose of Using VIP Rooms?

  • Meeting new customers/clients
  • Birthday – (General)
  • Local Festival (Khmer new year, King’s Birthday, Independence Day etc.)
  • English New year (Common / General)
  • Mother day and farther day
  • International Women day (International celebrations)
  • Marriage anniversary (Couple celebrations)
  • Official Company meeting (Internal Company meeting)
  • Get – Together meeting (Different branches or different areas)
  • Valentine’s day (Lover’s day)
  • Others (Any other which is not mentioned here)


  1. Drinking liquor is allowed only in VIP rooms (Beer & Alcohol)
  2. All the above includes Cake cutting, Song, Dance, Drinking, festival/Celebration spray, relevant to the celebrations.
  3. Celebrations should be such like that not disturbing other guests.


4 /What is your Business hour?


Well!! Our business time
All days – 09:00AM – 22:00 PM, you will enjoy with schedule time, and you can use for 13 hour per day as you wish.

Note: our Business always support you, we will never have holiday even Local Festival also.


5 /What is your VIP meeting room features?

Well!! We provide many things; you just walk-in and use.

  • Reception included, they are always support you, while you use our service
  • Projector, Utilities, Music Player, White Board, Wi-Fi(3000MBPS), Power Source, Security, Large Parking.


 6 /What should I do when I use meeting room for the first time?

You need to reserve or book before you use, you can call or visit us directly, and tell us as below

  • Which date and what time you start?
  • How long you want to use / Time duration?
  • How many guests?
  • What purpose?

7 /Do I need to payment while I book, and what is the payment method? 

About payment you no need to worry about the deposit, We will charge you when you check in use our service , for example if you use 2 hour you need to pay while you check in for 2 hour fee, And if while you are use and extra haft hour or more, so you can pay later for the extra hour when you check out. About the payment method you can pay by cash, ABA transfer or QR code, ACELEDA transfer or QR code, or Credit Card.

         Cash         Credit Card          QR Code Transfer



I will book a reservation!!

Well!  Our receptionist will guide you for the fee structure and payment methods.

Once you register first time, you will be provided with a membership card and every time you can use this card for using our services.

Terms and Conditions applied.


8 /Can I use your service If I forgot or lost the membership card?

  • If you forget you can’t use our service, but if you have photos of your membership card, you just show to our receptionist, then they will check in for you as normal.
  • If you lost, You need to inform to Basis Point Cambodia immediatly as possible then You will need to make new membership card (charge Fee $2)

Note: we would like to recommend you to take the photos of membership card, so when you forget, you can use as the photos.

If you want to know more about us , please visit   https://khm.basispoint.tokyo


9/ May I suggest changes?

Yes, we welcome our customer’s feedback to improve ourselves.


10/ Is it possible for Multiple bookings?

Yes, we allow our customers to book one or more at the same time


11 / Will I receive a discount for multiple bookings/reservations?

Yes, sometimes depends upon the situation we will give discounts also.


12 / Flexibility in booking

Incase if customer wants to change the scheduleあd date and time, we can support in scheduling with new date and time depends upon the availability of the particular room during that time.


You’ve thought about using a coworking space ……!

We’re waiting for you at BasisPoint!

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