2021.05.21 Are you comfortable working from home?

Hello everyone!!

I am BasisPoint from Cambodia.



Covid-19 still has not subsided, and I think this is a very difficult time.

I am sure you are all working day in and day out, waiting for it to end.


In this article, I would like to discuss how we can make our work environment better.





The environment is indispensable to productivity work.

The biggest problem of working from home is that you cannot get any work done in your most comfortable place.

Do you ever fall asleep in bed or watch TV when you are working?

I believe that setting up the environment is the most important thing to work in.
And that is difficult to create at home nor go to the office in this current situation.





The temperature of the room is also a thing we cannot take an eye off.

In Cambodia, where it is hot all year round, the temperature of the room rises, making it difficult to concentrate on work.


Temperature control is a must when working for long hours.



3.Internet environment


The internet environment is playing an important role for work such as sending emails to someone or surfing the net.

Even if you have Wi-Fi, if it is slow, it will take forever to finish your work.


4.with whom


When you work at home, you are often alone, which makes it difficult to control yourself.
There are times when you can concentrate on your work because you are working with someone else.

Stimulation is very important and essential for work.



If any of these apply to you, you should definitely try a coworking space!
You’ll be surprised at how comfortable you’ll feel.

And right now, there are lots of great promotions and deals.
Please try it out!

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