2021.05.24 Chilling Vibe on Rainy Day

Hello I am BasisPoint Cambodia.


Today let’s take a seat and talk about the beautiful rainy days we have been through.

We have recently entered the rainy season,  do you like rainy days?


Rainy days are 【very quiet】 and 【calming】.


People love enjoying the rain scene from the window and feeling how beautiful it is.

It is natural.


It comes from the sky. It helps things grow. It is an astoundingly commonplace phenomenon that no one really truly wants to experience.


There are lots of activities to chill your mood up on rainy days.
It’s a great way to clear your head or just relax and watch a book or a movie!


1.you want to watch a movie dynamically like in a movie theater
2.You want to watch a movie with fast downloading and no stress



Have you ever heard of Netflix?

Netflix and BasisPoint Cambodia are the best combination.
The download is very fast and you can watch a lot of movies!



Do you want to read a lot of books?


BasisPoint Cambodia has a lot of books available.
We’ll be adding more books as we go along, so be sure to read something that fits your studies, hobbies, etc.!


At Khalandale mall, you can use the parking lot and bicycle parking for free, and you won’t get wet in the rain.


Why don’t you spend your time here?


We will provide you with the best time and space.

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