2021.05.31 Top 3 Restaurant Recommendations near BasisPoint

Hello I am BasisPoint Cambodia.


Today I’d like to introduce some of the best restaurants around BasisPoint Cambodia.

BasisPoint Cambodia is located in Khalandale mall, which is very convenient!



Inside the mall, there are many stores including restaurants, apparel stores, cafes, ATMs, and supermarkets.

In this article, I would like to introduce some of the stores that BasisPoint Cambodia recommends!



No.1 Aeon Maxvalu


It is well known as one of the Japanese brand stores in Cambodia. It has become really popular now.

There is a space where you can enjoy eating peacefully, but above all, it is famous for its cheap prices and high quality of many prepared foods.



It is located on the ground floor under BasisPoint Cambodia. Let’s grab something to eat when you are back home.


No.2 Brown Coffee



Brown Coffee and Bakery everyone knows because of its unique taste and its signature drinks.

You can indirectly order brown coffee drinks and food from our store. So you don’t have to waste time going to their shop. They will deliver your delicious drink to you in just a minute.



We are now running a special promotion in which users can get a regular size of their favorite drink of Brown Coffee and Bakery from us, if they use our 5-hour daily plan. Com’on!!!!!


No.3 Pepper Lunch Cambodia


Who needs a big meal today???

Pepper Lunch is the only place providing a very large meal size.

They have a wide variety of dishes including beef and fish.



I recommend the Beef Pepper Rice!
The price is only $5.50 and the portion is huge!


You must try it!
BasisPoint also allows you to take home food from these three restaurants to eat at our store.


Let’s feel the moment of having the best foods in the best workplace together.

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