2021.05.31 The distractions of working from home.

Welcome to a very sunny day!!!

How is your day?
How are you doing?
I hope you are doing fine and everything is going smoothly as it has been planned.



2021 is the year in which most people work from home and almost every working hour has been distracted.


You cannot stay focused when your family members ask for help.


You can avoid their request even if you locked your room or you isolated yourself because they will definitely find and annoy you.


Not just only your family members but so do your pets.

They somehow need your attention.

They will not leave you until you feed them food and accompany them walking.
You have to double your speed if you are busy taking care of them, meanwhile your tons of work are also waiting for you.

I can say it will take forever to finish it.


These are not the end of the distractions.

Your unconscious activities might ruin your work too.

Do you really turn on your computer just focusing on your work without any sneaking into another website or platform like youtube, facebook or instagram?



Are you sure that your television will not be turning on near you?
Working at home while the boss is away is really hard to make sure that you are really on your work, and we all understand it well.

If you are reading this and nodding your head agreeing with me, let’s take action!!!!


Find a comfortable place to stay and focus on your productivity work and where your family or pets can reach you within the limited time.
Remind yourself that is it really necessary to go through Youtube while you are working?

Or Limit yourself with your checking times on Facebook.

Productivities are on your way when you stay focused with your positive mindset.


Come to Basis Point Cambodia if you really try to avoid all the distractions LOL.

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