2021.06.05 4 Activities people do during Covid-19

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It has been a rough day lately for everyone due to Covid-19.
We practice social distancing, staying almost at home just to make sure we are away from gathering people.


We all miss the moment we stay together with our beloved ones. We miss the natural smell, the adventure, the trip, the moment we hang out with friends and family.


Aren’t you curious about how people deal with their boring days in Covid-19 situation?


I am here to show you the 4 activities which have become trending these days.


1. Gym at home

People start doing exercise at home to get the perfect body shape. They cannot go to work out at the gym so let house be their personal training center. Let’s begin to work out!!!



2. Tik Tok Video shooting

This platform is really popular these days, because there are a lot of content videos to entertain people. Now, people enjoy shooting many funny videos and uploading them into their personal Tik Tok account and yes,,,,, Let’s wait to see the reactions!!!


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3. Youtube ASMR video streaming

ASMR video is now trending on Youtube which actually began from South Korea. I really don’t understand why people are suffering by watching other people eating. But It is weirdly satisfying watching these kinds of videos. Try it yourself!!!!

I guarantee you will be addicted to it.


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4. Remote work

Instead of commuting to an office each day to work from a designated desk, remote employees can execute their projects and surpass their goals wherever they please.

These days, people try to find a place where they can continue working, so that they are able to avoid meeting many people.

Even a conference, a team discussion, is now held online. Not your ready uniform to work, but your computer, charger and internet is a MUST to be ready to join your meeting.


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We are now repeatedly doing this all day, and we are waiting for a day when we can say goodbye to a mask we wear, the faceshield we put on.

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