2021.06.14 How would you deal with a burnout of work?

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You may struggle everyday with your work life.
We sometimes cannot decide when work hours end and when private time begins.


Whenever the email notifications come across your computer or when you get a text from your coworkers, you start to feel pressure to answer even after your work shift.


The feeling of constantly being “on” and connected can make people feel exhausted both physically and emotionally.


I think everyone can recognize the working burnouts in various ways.


Getting less sleep,headache or other physical symptoms, losing track of tasks, cannot finish tasks on time.etc., are somehow caused by your working burnout.


I bet many people experience it once or more in their work life.


Dealing with working burnout needs weeks or long vacations to be recovered.


But I can share how we can temporarily stop or make it less since we cannot go anywhere to escape the reality for so long and plus we are now locking down during this pandemic.


1.Grab a favorite drink and taking long breath

Even a president needs time to relax so why don’t you?


Relaxing yourself sometimes can help you to find a better way to complete tasks or give you better ideas.


Don’t pressure yourself!!!
What you cannot see doesn’t mean there isn’t.


2.Re-organize a to-do list

If things don’t go the way you’ve predicted, start it again.

Give yourself time.
Prioritize tasks again.



You will find out what you’ve missed when you carefully re-start it.


3.Know your limit

If things reach out of your hand, please ask your co-workers or manager for help.

We are not capable of everything.
There are times when we might fail, and it’s not an embarrassment.


A step backward won’t let you forever go further, but it’s a chance to push you to a top successor.


Learn to know your limit and time when you really need help.


Connect with someone new to exchange your experiences or to release your stress by talking to them.

Who knows you might find them here, Basis Point Cambodia’s Co-working Space.

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