2021.06.18 at the right moment

Hi Everyone!


Are you living your best life?

Sometimes people are faced with a decision.
It’s very important and may affect you!


However, it is said that only a handful people can actually make a real move at that time.

Why is that?


That’s because you are not in an environment where you can have confidence in yourself.


The reason for this is the following factors are considered to be very important.

Let’s prepare ourselves to be aware of this kind of timing on a regular basis!



This will vary greatly depending on where and with whom you talk to.
You need the best place to discuss important things such as business and personal matters.

BasisPoint Cambodia provides such a place, and many people appreciate it.
It’s quiet, there’s music and drinks, and it’s a great place to have an important conversation.


Meeting room more detail here!!



This is the ability to believe in yourself and how you can talk with confidence, the confidence that leads to so many things.

BasisPoint Cambodia also rents out coworking spaces and linked offices, which can be used for preparing presentations, practicing presentations, and many other things.

VIP room more detail here!!

Please come and spend your precious time with us!

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