2021.06.28 The most fully equipped co-working space in Cambodia


What do you all expect and look for in a co-working space?
A drink? Internet access? A place environment?


Of course, those are important, but I think the most important thing is the equipment.


You can now work with just one computer, but you still want to minimize your luggage.

Even so, there are times when you have to attend a meeting by short notice, prepare for a presentation, or do an assignment for the university.


At BasisPoint Cambodia, we make it easy for our customers to work in a comfortable environment.

Here are some of the facilities we offer!




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This printer can be used for color printing (A4, A3), scanning, and copying.
The price starts at $0.05 per sheet, which is the same price as a local store.


Laminating machine


Check Point!!

We offer A4 size lamination at $0.25 per sheet.
Even if you need it in a hurry, you can use BasisPoint with no worries.




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Monitors are available for urgent meetings.
You can also use them at a coworking space, so please feel free to use them for your enlarged size videos.




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This projector can be used for seminars, meetings, and presentation practice.
Our staff is pleased to show you how to set it up.




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If you want to read a book or study in your free time, BasisPoint has plenty of books to help you with your work.




Check Point!!

Lan cables, chargers, extension cables, etc. are all available for your work.
You won’t find these in cafes, so you can only find them in coworking spaces.
And it’s free, so it’s a steal!


There are many more items available at BasisPoint Cambodia.

There are many other items available at BasisPoint Cambodia, all of which are needed for working.

Please come and see how useful they are!

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