2021.07.01 How to book a meeting room?

Hello from Basis Point Cambodia is a Japan hospitality organization in Phnom Penh, how is your business going?

We hope your business is doing well.


In a difficult situation during the Covid-19 Basis point try to find out the best solution to keep our customer safety distance.


If you have a meeting or event you want to celebrate in Phnom Penh, we would like to recommend you to check out our shop.




▼ Things can be done in meeting rooms at Basis Point.

Our meeting rooms can be used for various purposes.


②Award Ceremony,

③Press News Conference,

④International discussion meeting,

⑤Special meeting,

⑥Official Company meeting,

⑦Client meeting,

⑧Get- together meeting,

⑨Normal meeting,

⑩Mother and farther day,

⑪Marriage anniversary,

⑫International women day,

⑬Birthday and others





▼ How to book a meeting room?

Do nothing, just contact us and tell us your purpose, please have a look at below:

-Number of people attending the meeting.

-Which date, Meeting start time and how long does it take.

-What kind of meeting, so that we can prepare for you.


▼It’s possible to book online ?

Yes Sure!! If you have no free time to come directly, we can book it for you, just leave your information and everything will be ready for you.

Booking here!!


We hope this blog may make it easy for you to find your purpose in booking a meeting room.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are always here to help and be your assistant.

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