2021.07.03 Laptop bag made by Suijoh as our special gift.

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is now cooperating with Suijoh, the best handmade production in Cambodia.


If you use our co-working space rental service for more than 3 months, you can get the best quality laptop bag made by Suijoh as our special gift.



Do you know Suijoh ?

Suijoh offers tailor made clothes and accessories.
Every item is made by the tailors with the hope of happiness for all of our customers.


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        Resource  : [Sui-joh Made in Kingdom of Cambodia]  Reference date : 20210703


We need a healthy body to fight daily working, so does our computer.


Flex working that required you to switch workstations frequently demanding you to be flexible of moving your keyboard, mouse laptop with you.


Having a good laptop bag is essential, and it is like stuffing your desk in one bag.


By grabbing that one bag, you can enjoy working with an ergonomically correct posture wherever you are.



This bag is very comfortable and you can choose the color.

You can add a Laptop or accessories to make it even better!


Why don’t you take this opportunity to use the co-working space?

The quality of your work will be even better by making the things around you better.

We look forward to seeing you at BasisPoint Cambodia!

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