2021.07.05 1day free trial ticket for Rental office & Co-working space

Hello, everyone!!


Today I want to tell you about a great deal!

When you want to rent a new office or use a coworking space, what are you worried about?



I think a lot of people don’t even know if it’s really a good place!

This is a good news for those customers!


You can try BasisPoint Cambodia for free for a day.




If you want to sign a contract but don’t know what the place is like, please take advantage of it!


We also welcome people who have never used a coworking space before!


If you are interested, please email or chat with the shop first, and they will send you a trial ticket.


▼Please apply here.



Just bring your ticket and your ID card or passport!


Hurry up! Don’t hesitate!
You can use it right now!

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We will post the store information updated through SNS





Click here for service of our store

Laptop bag made by Suijoh as our special gift.
The internet environment determines how fast you can work.