2021.07.11 The internet environment determines how fast you can work.

Hello, everyone.

It always suddenly rains in Cambodia, so make sure you have your raincoat ready!


Today I would like to talk about the Internet.

The Internet is necessary in our daily lives.
When I wake up in the morning, I check the internet news, use the internet for work, and at night, I watch interesting videos on the Internet.

Cell phones and computers have become an integral part of our lives.



In Cambodia, there are many problems such as the difficulties of internet connection and power outages.


BasisPoint Cambodia is the first to tackle the internet problem!


We have the fastest Wi-fi of any store in the cambodia, making it as stress-free as possible for our customers.
There is no stress at all when watching videos or joining Zoom class and conference.



And in case of a power outage, we have a generator in the mall so we can always use it.


Working in this kind of environment will definitely make your work twice or three times faster.

And we have spare wiring in case of internet problems.


I suggest you take this opportunity to experience it for yourself!

I guarantee you’ll be impressed!

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