2021.07.12 Solid perfume from BasisPoint!!

Hello, everyone.


Half of this year has passed, how are you doing?


Today, I’d like to talk about “Fragrance”.



How do you usually keep your motivation?

Actually, scent is very important for motivation.

A good fragrance will help you relax and improve your work performance.


Today, I’d like to introduce you to “Solid perfume” that we sell at BasisPoint Cambodia!


While ordinary perfumes are used by spraying a liquid form, solid perfume is completely different.

Paste perfumes are solid palm-like items made by dissolving fragrances in oils such as shea butter without using alcohol.

With ordinary perfumes, the scent is so odorous that sometimes people around you may not like it.

However, with kneaded perfume, you can wear a faint scent on your body, so it doesn’t make people uncomfortable!

There are three different types of scents available, and I’d like to introduce each of them here!


1. Narcissus


The black package is the narcissus scent, a harmonious blend of clear freshness and sweetness that can be used by both men and women.


2. Green Tea


The brown package has the scent of green tea.
The brown package has the scent of green tea with citrus notes.




The white package has the scent of lotus.
The freshness of the citrus and the transparency of the marine scent are harmonized well.


All the perfumes are sold for USD11.0 (Include tax)!

We also have testers available, so please stop by the store and find yourself the most suitable one!

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