2021.08.06 Recommended locations for web conferencing

Hello, everyone.


Cambodia is refraining from going out late at night again, how is everyone doing?

As this is the second time, I think everyone is handling the situation calmly.


On this occasion, I’d like to talk about web conferencing, which is very trending in times like these!


There are many places in BasisPoint Cambodia where you can have a web conference, so please take advantage of them!


1) Coworking space

There is a very spacious space so that you can take a seat anywhere you want.
You have to mind your voice not to bother others and can watch videos or listen to music by using earphones.



2) Meeting Space

If you pay $5.50 per hour, you can use the private room for meetings.
It’s a place where you can talk freedomly and have a great discussion with your business partner.




3) VIP Room

The VIP room for VIP people discussing the fundamental conference.
A projector and screen are available for meetings with a large-size screen.


What do you think?
This is the time of year when we need to take good care of our web conferences.



Please try BasisPoint Cambodia!
There are many more plans and promotions out there!
We are waiting for you!

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