2021.08.14 Electricity in Cambodia

Hello, everyone.


The curfew has been extended in Cambodia.
It was be carried out for one week from yesterday.


You can’t travel between 22:00~3:00 until August 19th.

Alcohol trafficking or gathering is still not allowed, so please be careful!



Today, I would like to explain about electricity in Cambodia.


Electricity rates are very expensive in Cambodia!
Until months ago, more than 50% of the electricity was imported from other countries, and power outages occurred many times a day.



However, nowadays, Cambodia is able to generate electricity on its own, and the import of electricity will be reduced to 30% by 2021.

Power outages are also decreasing, and the infrastructure is slowly noticeably growing.


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The cost of electricity is so high that it sometimes bothers me when I’m at home!

If you use air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., you will quickly find yourself with a surprising amount of bills.


Many people put up with it every day, and there are many people who face the difficulties because of the high electricity bills!

Many people in Cambodia are cooling off outside!

This is because it’s too hot at home and spending a lot of money on electricity bills is such a waste.


At BasisPoint Cambodia, our office rental and coworking clients do not have to pay for electricity bills at all.


The initial investment is very low, and the running costs are almost non-existent.

Even if you rent an office, you will not be charged for utilities, so you can work in your office even on holidays!


Please take this opportunity to try BasisPoint Cambodia!

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