2021.08.16 What’s important for a web conference?

Hello, everyone.


The mid-August is almost over!

It’s been hot lately.

Please do not forget to drink water and take care of your health!



Today, I’d like to talk about three important things for web conferencing.


Web conferencing is on the rise now, partly due to Covid-19.

Web conferencing is becoming a main role in business due to Covid-19.

During this pandemic, without web conferences, many industries would be completely paralyzed.

I suggest you all read on so you don’t make the same mistakes!


No.1 Internet connection


High-speed internet connection is very important for online meetings.


Check Point!!This is a phenomenon that often causes problems.

If you can’t connect to the internet because you are at home, it is way too outrageous.

This can lead to failures in important business negotiations, and can also be a very important point in internal meetings, as you may not be able to hear or discuss the important points.


No. 2: The reflection of yourself through out a screen

Check Point!!It’s all about the impression of you, since you don’t talk in person, and the other party will definitely notice your every movement on the screen.

The background, clothing, grooming, and other aspects of your appearance that are not normally seen will all contribute to your impression.


No.3 Setting up the application to be used in the meeting


Check Point!!Settings such as volume and background are important.

It’s common for people having trouble logging in or hearing the sound after the meeting has started.

This is because they do not prepare in advance or do not know how to deal with the problem.




As long as you have these three things under control, your meeting will go great and smoothly!

Now it’s all in your hand to present your work!


If you’re worried about these three things, then by all means, come to BasisPoint Cambodia!

We have the environment and staff to take care of everything, including internet speed, location, and setup.


Let’s do our best for the rest of the month!

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