2021.08.21 Office for a short term rental?

Thank you very much for visiting BasisPoint Cambodia!


We are now in the second half of 2021, and the year will be over before we know it!

It’s been a tough year in Covid-19, but let’s get through this together!


Today, I’d like to talk about rental offices.


Have you ever rented an office before?



Though the number of freelancers is increasing, I think there are many people who have never rented an office before.


The word “office” may sound like a bit of a hurdle, but actually it’s more like a private room!


The reason is that renting an office usually requires a lot of money, furniture, and preparation.



It’s difficult for a small group of people to rent an office because of the large initial investment.


I think this mostly happened for freelancers.


However, BasisPoint Cambodia’s office is completely different!


~Why would they choose us~


(1)The only initial cost is a one-month deposit!


(2)The minimum rental period is 3 days!


(3) Desks, chairs, wifi, etc. are included, so you can start using it the very first day.


(4) Offices for 1 or 2 people are also available.


(5)Cleaning service is included once a week.


(6) Available 365 days a year!


(7) You can also use the co-working space for a change of pace.


(8)All you can drink !

Contact us (Please click here!!)



There’s a lot more, but if you’re interested, please come and visit us!

BasisPoint Cambodia

I think it’s definitely the best place to be!

I’ll be waiting for you!

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