2021.09.23 Has CoronaVirus changed your life?



Pchum Ben Festival is coming up, are you ready for it?


I’m sure everyone in Cambodia will be busy preparing for the Pchum Ben Festival next month!




Today, I would like to talk about “Has everyone’s life changed since CoronaVirus came out?


How about you?


I’m sure that some of you have changed a lot, while others have not changed at all.


First of all, let me conclude.


“CoronaVirus has changed my life a lot, and I don’t think it will ever go back to the way it was!


CoronaVirus is still going on, but if it were to end completely, I think life would still be different!


That’s because only what is absolutely necessary will be left, and the rest will be eliminated!


In short, the things we used to use are being replaced by more convenient things.

Let’s take a look at three of the major changes today!

1) Food



I’m sure you all understand this well.


Going to a restaurant used to be the norm, but delivery services are becoming more and more popular.


The quality of delivery is getting better and better, and there is no need to go out.


From now on, we need to create restaurants that have more customers, regardless of the number of seats or the size of the restaurant.


Without a doubt, restaurants that only want visitors will be weeded out.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is so advanced in delivery that I wouldn’t bother staying home at all!


Nham24 : https://nham24.com/



2) Workplace



The idea of going to work at the office every day from morning till night may have changed.


The idea of having a big office as a basic premise is disappearing!


The use of coworking spaces and how to reduce the initial investment and maintenance costs are becoming more important.


I believe that companies will no longer need to spend a lot of money on new office space.


We will be able to work from anywhere!


How to utilize telework and increase productivity is being looked at.


Let’s use coworking that has Japanese quality but keeps high quality in Cambodia!


BasisPoint Cambodia : https://khm.basispoint.tokyo/



3) Communication



If you go to work every day and see someone at work, communication is possible.


However, with the increasing number of people working from home, I think we are losing touch with people.


I think this will be the biggest issue after CoronaVirus.


Communication is important for work as well, so we need to actively communicate with each other through SNS and Zoom.


What did you all think?


Rather than complaining about the virus, those who see this as an opportunity to create a new business and reform the company are the


ones who will succeed!


By all means, think positively and make your life the best it can be!



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