2021.10.08 Get ready to start in November!

Hello, everyone.


It has been raining since October, how is it?


It’s been raining so hard that it’s sometimes hard to go outside.


Today I would like to talk about how to prepare for November.


The reason for this is that from November, Cambodia is going to open its tourist spots and revive its economy little by little.



If you don’t prepare now, you’ll miss out on the speed!


So let’s talk about what to prepare for today!



(1) A place to work


This is, of course, a thing you can’t miss!


If you have been working at home, you may not know if you can work at a company right away, but you need to have another place to work.


Co-working spaces are a great way to do this.


Co-working spaces are increasing in Cambodia, but they are not yet widespread.


Let’s take this opportunity to use them!


(2) Arranging hotels and cars

When sightseeing comes back in November, you’ll need a place to stay and how to get around!


If you start preparing in November, many people will make reservations and the price will be high.


If you start preparing in November, many people will make reservations and the prices will be high.


Even if the event is extended, you can cancel it and it won’t be a big loss!



(3) Who to go with



Instead of going to study or travel alone, it is very important to go with someone!


First of all, you need to contact your friends you don’t usually keep in touch with.


If you have a family member, boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re good to go!


I know you didn’t get anything done in the CoronaVirus spread this year, but at the end of the year, have fun and try different things!


I think those who can change their minds and prepare for 2022 now will be successful!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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