2021.10.07 Rent an office now!

Hello everyone!


I’m sure you’re all starting to get back into the swing of things now that work is slowly returning!


BasisPoint Cambodia is currently running a special promotion for those who are so inclined!



If you’ve been hesitant to rent an office in Cambodia, this is your chance!


If you are hesitant to rent an office in Cambodia, why not take this opportunity to sign up for a new office?



(1) Price



Budget is the most important thing to be considered.


At BasisPoint, we allow you to make adjustments according to your budget.


We can adjust the number of people, your budget, and the time you spend, so please feel free to contact us anytime.



(2) Numbers of users



Originally, the number of people who can sign a contract is fixed, but we can also accommodate additional or smaller numbers.


For example, it is possible to use the room in shifts.



(3) Hours of use



If you want to use the room only in the morning for a month, we can do that too!


Even if you are thinking of quitting because it doesn’t fit your budget, you may be able to fit it to your budget if you can use it for a limited time!


Please contact us!


What do you think?


Contact me right away at this time!


We’re here to support your great work starting in November!

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