2021.10.09 About the Vaccination Card in Cambodia

Hello everyone!


I hope you’re all feeling well now that Pchum Ben is over!


In Phnom Penh, CoronaVirus is subsiding and new rules are being set!



Today, I’d like to talk about the newly started [presentation of vaccination card].



As of October 5th, the government has issued the official notice regarding the vaccination card required when entering stores and malls.


People within 18 years old or older shall be obliged to present a new CoronaVirus vaccination card or a new CoronaVirus vaccination certificate issued by the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Defense when entering or leaving educational institutions, public or private markets, retail stores, restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, and other places where businesses are permitted.


In the future, the places where people can enter will change depending on whether they have been vaccinated or not.


Khalandale Mall also followed the government’s instructions and started checking vaccination cards the day after the statement was released, on the 6th!



There is still some confusion because this notice has just been issued, but I think it will be essential to get the vaccine!


By the way, you can get the vaccine by going to the vaccination site or by asking at the town hall centre.


Let’s all take care of our own bodies!


Have a good weekend!

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