2021.10.13 Do you know where we can have a meeting?

Hello everyone!


Pchum ben is over and the city is slowly coming back to life!


Vaccinations are underway, so Phnom Penh will be back to normal soon!


Today, “Do you know where I can have a meeting in Cambodia?” is going to be a topic I would like to share to everyone.


Where do you normally hold your important meetings or business discussions?


A cafe? At home?


You can’t have a good meeting in a place where there are a lot of people gathering, causing noises and lacking privacy information.


Meetings held in cafes or at home are outdated.


Recommend you find a meeting room that you can rent by the hour and use it!


It’s a great way to motivate your staff and have quality meetings.


Let’s take a look at Basis Point Cambodia’s meeting rooms!



(1) Room for two USD5.50~(1hour)

This room can be used by one person for meetings or for homework.


This room can also be used for online classes.



(2) Four-person room USD8.80~(1hour)



This room is perfect for studying together or holding staff meetings.


This is the most popular room because it is compact and there is no need to talk loudly.



(3) Eight-person room USD15.40~(1hour)

This room can be used for in-house presentations or for inviting guests.


The room is large enough for up to 8 people, so you won’t get tired even if you use it for a long time.



(4) 12-person room USD27.50~(1hour)



This room is ideal for meetings with a screen or for holding large meetings.


Unlike the other rooms, this room has sofa seating, so there is no need to be embarrassed if a meeting comes up suddenly.



(5) VIP Room USD12.0~(1person)



The VIP room can be used for a variety of purposes, such as for important clients or contracts.


Unlike the other rooms, this room comes with a variety of options, so it can be used for any event.


This room also comes with free drinks.


What do you think?


Please try using the meeting room for various situations.


I’m sure you’ll be convinced of its greatness!

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