2021.10.24 Halloween Lucky Draw Promotion

Hello everyone!


CoronaVirus is calming down, and the economy is getting more and more remarkably active!


Let’s get ready now so we don’t miss out on this trend!


Today I’d like to talk about BasisPoint Cambodia’s Halloween promotion!



There’s a Halloween party on October 31st!


On October 31st, there will be a Halloween party, and BasisPoint Cambodia will be starting a lucky draw on October 27th!


It’s a five-day promotion, so please come check out the store!



We want to make sure that as many people as possible receive their gifts, so you can enter and draw out the lucky draw as many times as you want during this period!


The following are the contents of the gift!



★10% OFF

★20% OFF

★30% OFF

★50% OFF

★1hour Free

★2hour Free

★3hour Free

★5hour Free



This voucher can be used not only for coworking space, but also for all plans such as rental office, meeting room, etc.


Get this voucher and take this opportunity to sign up for a monthly contract!


What do you think?


BasisPoint Cambodia is running various promotions every month!


If you’re interested, please contact or visit the store!


Our staff is waiting and always ready for you!

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