2021.10.27 about Co-working space 1day free trial ticket

Hello everyone!


Things are settling down in CoronaVirus, and we’re very excited to start the very fresh November!



There are more and more business travelers and people starting new jobs, and the co-working space is getting more and more crowded.


But everyone


I’m sure you’re worried about what kind of co-working space you’re going to use for the first time, right?



What is the price and cost performance?


What about the internet?


What kind of system?


What kind of system?


Today, I’d like to introduce a promotion that you should definitely use if you’re worried about these things!


It’s the “One Day Trial Ticket”!



As the name suggests, you can use the co-working space for free for one day.


Click this link to register: https://peraichi.com/landing_pages/view/bpc-freeticket


You don’t have to pay anything,and you can have a drink and use everything the same as normal.



I created this ticket so that if you try and be happy with it, you’ll definitely want to consider using it in the future!


If you are a newcomer, anyone can use this ticket, so please register below!

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