2021.11.18 Where do you hold your important meetings?

Hello everyone!


By chance, where do your important meetings take place?

At the office?

At home?



I’m sure there are many prospects, but it really is necessary to revise your thoughts sometimes for your meeting to take place besides holding it at company!



There are many people who surprisingly don’t know the reason for this, so I’ll explain it to you today!

Let’s GO!


What is a meeting?

A meeting is a gathering to discuss something.

Where do you hold your important meetings?

Although online meetings are increasing during CoronaVirus, the basics remain the same.



Meetings come in all sizes, and many of them are confidential ones!

Since the meetings are held in a limited amount of time, it is important to make the process smoother and easier to understand.

Meeting Venue

Meetings should be held in a conference room.

Some people recommend holding meetings at home or in cafes, but this is absolutely a big mistake.



The first thing to consider when holding meetings at home is the internet connection.

If you tell people that you can’t hear them or can’t do something because the internet is too slow, they will think you are someone who can’t properly do a job.


The other is the environment of the place.


You can’t prepare properly at home in terms of what you see in the background and what you wear.

It is often difficult to have a good meeting if you don’t refresh your mind when you work.


Next is the café.

Cafes are often used for meetings, but you can’t do it confidentially because your voice will be leaked.



If you are having an important business meeting or an internet meeting, the noise can be too much for the other person.

Of course, it’s also difficult for a store to have customers who stay hours with just a cup of coffee fee.


If you have thought about these, houses and cafes are still difficult.

So where should we hold the meeting? I have good news for those who are wondering.


Currently, BasisPoint Cambodia is offering meeting rooms at a special price that is lower than usual.

The rooms are available for a minimum of one hour and can be used for unexpected meetings.

We also have stylish meeting rooms that can be used in different ways depending on the situation!



Please take advantage of our meeting rooms that can be used only when you need them at a minimum price!

BasisPoint Cambodia offers the best coworking space and office space for rent in Cambodia.

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