2021.11.21 If you want to do business, go to the VIP room!

Hello everyone!


We are in the middle of the Water Festival in Cambodia, don’t you have plan going somewhere and have fun?



Even in times like this, BasisPoint Cambodia is still open for business!

Please come and take a peek!


Today, as the title says, I’d like to talk about “business meetings“!


Business is getting more and more active, and the most important thing for everyone is to spend time with their customers, right?

What do you think about when choosing a place for a business meeting?


Today, I’d like to introduce you to the best places for business meetings!

(1) The location is easy to find and inform immediately.


The most important thing for business meetings is that the location is easy to find.

It’s not good if you get lost or if there are many similar places in the designated area.


(2) You can have a quiet and calm conversation.


Some people often choose cafes, but they are not suitable for business meetings because it’s noisy or there is no privacy.

Have you ever ended up drinking only coffee without being able to have an important conversation?


(3)The size of the room (social distance)


In this generation, it is best to maintain a personal space.

Your customers need to be able to relax, and you also need to be able to provide space for documents and presentations.



These three things are very important, even if they are briefly summarized.


We hope you will try out BasisPoint Cambodia‘s VIP room, which has all three of these features!


▼ VIP Room     

It is best to make a reservation in advance, but we have two rooms to accommodate urgent business meetings.

The rooms can be used even by one person, and are equipped with music, air conditioning, a projector, screen, and whiteboard.

Drinks are also available for free, making this place more cosy and used than a cafe.

If you have more than five people and use the room for more than three hours, there are special services available, so please check with the store!


Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

See you at BasisPoint Cambodia!

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