2021.11.24 Have you decided on lunch yet?

Hello everyone!


I’m the blogger for BasisPoint, and I’ve been having a hard time exercising lately!

Sitting down to work isn’t good for my health, so I’ve decided to work standing up!

It’s nice to have a space like this!



Today, I’m going to answer the question, “Where do people eat when they work at BasisPoint?

I’ve made a simple ranking, so please take a look!

Here we go!


①Aeon Maxvalu


This is a well-known Japanese supermarket.

It’s a well known Japanese supermarket, with many kinds of lunch box sets such as rice with pork for $1.5, so $3 will fill you up!


Drinks and microwaves can be found at BasisPoint, so what a complete lunch!

Also, my recommendation is the salad bar!

100g = $0.75, so you can eat a lot of vegetables for $2.

Please give it a try!


②Brown Coffee


Brown Coffee is also famous and people often order it.



They have a lot of menu items such as spaghetti, and it is popular to order a set of coffee with it.

I recommend the iced Americano and the shrimp oando pork patty sandwich!


Resource  : [Brown coffee]  Reference date : 20211124


As a matter of fact, BasisPoint also has a menu that they deliver for free, so you don’t even have to leave the store.

You don’t even have to leave the store,so you won’t be a repeat customer!


③Pepper Lunch


Sometimes, don’t you feel like you want to have a healthy meat lunch with all your might?

I have a craving for it a couple of times a month.

In such cases, Pepper Lunch is the place to go!



It’s a famous restaurant, but they also have a menu at BasisPoint, and they also deliver.

I recommend the Pepper Rice for $5.80!


Resource  : [Pepper Lunch]  Reference date : 20211124


You’ll be full after eating it, so watch out for sleepiness!


What do you think?

A meal is an important part of working.

The more you eat, the less stress you’ll feel, and the more it will affect your business!


Why don’t you take this opportunity to try BasisPoint?

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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