2021.11.25 What is a team plan in a coworking space?

Hello everyone


Now the CoronaVirus restrictions have been relaxed in ASEAN, have you guys been anywhere yet?

I’m thinking of going to Kep, Cambodia in December!

I think it’s important to take some time off and refresh your mind!



Today, I’d like to talk about coworking space in Cambodia!


Have you ever heard of a “team plan”?

It means that two or more people can rent a coworking space instead of an office.

You can even rent it at lower-priced rates than normal, making it a popular plan among students!


There are many ways to use it, so I’ll give you a brief introduction!


① Team Plan with Time Limit



This means, for example, that two or three people can share 200 hours of time per month to use the coworking space.

The time is limited, but students can use it to study for tests, or even use it with their families following the signed contract registration members.


②Team Plan with no time limit



This means that you can sign up for a regular monthly plan as a team.

It’s more economical than signing up alone, and you don’t have to worry about time limitations since it’s unlimited.


There are many other plans available, so we can accommodate your needs!

Try a quiet place that’s more than just a cafe!

Please come and visit us!


The location is as follows!

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