2021.11.28 33% discount on coworking space in Cambodia!?

Hello everyone!


It’s getting colder and windy in Cambodia.

If you sleep with the windows open at night, it will freeze the next morning!

Be careful not to catch a cold!



Today I’d like to talk about the “33% discountmentioned in the title!


This is a campaign that’s only available right now, but if you sign up for a coworking space for three months, you get one month free!

Isn’t this a great deal?



If you’ve ever wanted to try out a coworking space, this is the perfect time to do so!

Please see below for the actual price!


Flex Desk

Everyday, Anytime Plan

USD 132 → USD 88

90hour plan

90 hours per month

USD 80 → USD 53.33


Now is the only time you can get such a great deal!

With the end of CoronaVirus, we are getting more and more customers, so if you are just starting your business, please try it!


Team plans are also availablehere!

We also have a variety of other plans, so please contact us!

Other plans are also availablehere!



Have a great weekend!

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