2021.12.09 Would you like to work while drinking a cup of Hot coffee?

Hello everyone!


It’s suddenly getting cold.

Let’s enjoy this time of the year because it is the only time we can enjoy it in Cambodia!


When it’s cold like this, it’s nice to have a hot drink while working.

In Cambodia, it’s hard to buy hot drinks outside, so it’s not easy.



At BasisPoint, we have a wide selection of drinks, so let me introduce them to you!


1) Nestle Hot Machine


This machine offers six kinds of hot drinks.






-Black Coffee



It’s very nice to warm up your body and wake you up from your sleepy-eyed.

You can drink all of these for free.


2) Nestle Ice Machine


This is a very popular series.


-Milk Tea

-Lemon Tea


-Ice coffee


These drinks are especially popular among Cambodian people, and everyone loves them.

This is a good drink for afternoon tea!


3) Coca Cola



This is a product that everyone knows!



-Fanta orange


If you want to drink carbonated drinks, choose this one for sure!

I never get tired of drinking it, and I can drink as much as I want, but be careful not to get fat!


4) Water machine


Water is unexpectedly important.

Both hot and cold water are available, so you can drink it to warm yourself up or when you’re a little thirsty!


Have you ever seen a coworking space in Cambodia with this many drinks? (Coworking space, rental office)


I highly recommend it because the staff and the benefits they get when they work here are so important!

Let’s have a great performance in an environment where we can focus on our work!

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