2021.12.12 Would you like to use the banquet hall for training?

Hello everyone


Business is being picked up in Cambodia with the convergence of CoronaVirus, which I know many of you are looking forward to.

Sales are being picked up, and some of you may be in a hurry to hire staff.



For those of you out there, today I’d like to recommend “Banquet Halls for Training!


Why BasisPoint’s Banquet Hall is the right choice for training!

Let’s take a moment and see why BasisPoint’s banquet halls are suitable for training!



1)Ease of use


The appeal of BasisPoint Cambodia’s banquet halls is their ease of use.

If you’re planning to use a banquet hall for staff training, hotel halls can be quite intimidating.



You also need to make a reservation in advance, which can be a little uncomfortable when trying to determine the number of people.

BasisPoint Cambodia’s banquet hall can be used even if you want to use it suddenly on the day.

In addition, many other items such as microphones, projectors, screens, and whiteboards can be used together.


2) Location


If you are training, you may be concerned about meals and breaks.

BasisPoint Cambodia is located in the Khalandale Mall, so trainees can take a break and have a meal without worry.





When renting a venue, there are often many restrictions.

BasisPoint Cambodia’s banquet hall makes every effort to accommodate your requests.




②Light meals





We are able to accommodate both business and private functions.

We will do our best to accommodate your budget, so please do not hesitate to contact us.



What do you think?

Currently, the banquet halls are being booked little by little, so we recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible.

First of all, please come and see and feel the charm!


See you at BasisPoint Cambodia!

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