2021.12.17 Christmas Eve Promotion at Khalandale Mall

Christmas is very soon coming to town!!!
Are you guys ready for this excitement?


If you are traveling along the main streets in Phnom Penh, you won’t miss the Christmas vibe by the decorations of many buildings and malls.


Khalandale Mall is also decorating its campus to celebrate Christmas too.

There is a Christmas Photo Contest starting from 15th to 21st this month organized by Khalandale mall and also co-sponsored by the tenants in the mall.


There will be many give away gifts to the winners after the random selection on 21st.


Are you curious how to win it, aren’t you?
Will BasisPoint be a part of this campaign too?


Let’s get through this!!!


1. How to join the contest



You go find the Christmas decorations places among Khalandale mall and take a picture of you, post it on your Facebook or Instagram.
Don’t forget to check in at Khalandale Mall.


Beside the 500 give away gifts, the mall also has prepared another 4 special gifts to the 4 perfect photos concept as following:


-Family photo

-Couple photo

-Friendship photo

-Single photo.



2. BasisPoint Cambodia will be a part of this campaign too.



BasisPoint will also be one of the co-sponsored of this campaign too.


We will provide a 30% off coupon vouchers to all the winners within one coupon that can be maximally used by 5 people.



The validity is until January 23rd, 2022. The coupon is applied for co-working space for 3 hours or more usage.

Besides BasisPoint Cambodia, there are many well-known tenants providing and joining this campaign too.


What are you waiting for now?
Let’s check it out!!!
Come to Khalandale mall, grab your phone, taking picture, then POST IT.
See you!!!

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