2022.01.15 What are specials about daily drop-in plans at BasisPoint Cambodia?

Time flies so fast, and it is already now in the middle of January.
How is work you are doing now?



I hope you are now doing great. Do not forget to take good care of your health too.


Let’s get to the point!!!

Today, I would like to talk about the daily drop-in plans for coworking space at BasisPoint Cambodia.


What is a daily drop-in plan?


The daily drop-in plan is the most commonly used plan of BasisPoint Cambodia, which the customers have to be charged by the hour(s) of their usage.


And do you know why it is special?



Not similar to the other coworking spaces yet the difference is the customers can enjoy using it even in a very short period like 1 hour or 2.

The daily drop-in here includes many options to be flexible for every customers.

They don’t have to pay a full day price just for a 1 or 2 hours stay, unlike the others.


Wait!!!!! There is a special promotion for 5-hour stay up customers too. Check it out!!!

please check here!!→Brown Coffee Plan


Is there more?


Yes, it definitely is. The flexible seat allows customers sit any seats they want to but be mind not to bother the others too.


Not to be mentioned but the Wi-Fi is extremely fast and the 3 different Wi-Fi roots allow the customers to feel relaxed about the internet connectivity.



Besides the hot and cold water, the coworking space here provides many favorite drinks such as milo, coffee, coke, hot cappuccino, etc.

The thing is there are unlimited refill drinks. I can say there is none other than the coworking space here.



What is best among its specials?


Well, its location is in the mall where all the main business shops and brand name stores gather.

You can get everything in hand within just a blink of your eyes.



Don’t believe what I said, but witness it yourself!!!

I am waiting for your visit here at BasisPoint Cambodia.
See you at the next blog.

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