2022.01.25 Requests regarding infection control when using the site

Good afternoon.


It’s a beautiful day in Cambodia today and it feels great.



Today I would like to talk about the infectious disease control measures we are taking at BasisPoint Cambodia.


Currently, Corona Omicron is spreading in Southeast Asia.

Although the number of positive cases is still low in Cambodia, we would like to ask you to take preventive measures yourself while you still can.


Please wear a mask when you enter the restaurant.

We do not accept customers who do not wear masks.



Alcohol disinfection


We do our best to disinfect an alcohol spray in the store.

Please understand that we are always careful about the places where customers touch and sit.



Vaccine card


We ask first-time customers to present their vaccine card.

It is not required for the second and subsequent visits, so please bring it with you only the first time.


Social Distance


BasisPoint Cambodia is a very large store, which allows us to keep a good distance from other customers.


We would like you to keep your distance as much as possible and take preventive measures on your own.



For the comfort of our customers and to prevent problems between customers.

We ask for your cooperation in making your stay as comfortable as possible for other guests, and in preventing problems between guests.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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