2022.01.27 Where do your side jobs take place?

Hello everyone!


CoronaVirus is still a concern for all of us. Stay safe and healthy, keep hygiene.



Today’s topic blog is going to be the place where you do your side jobs.


As we all know that sometimes it is hard to make a living while the income is such a small amount, so everyone is starting a small business or side jobs to support the living.


1.Do the side jobs need a comfortable place to take action?



It is not even a question now. Nowaday, cafes have attracted many students and people who do many jobs and meet the clients.


Since it is popular, it has become a place which has been visited or dropped in by more than hundred people a day. But also,the less privacy it becomes.


People tend to find a new place where they feel safe to share their privacy and to talk over the business with the clients or discuss the work with the team.

In this case, co-working spaces have a better environmental atmosphere and a bigger space to enjoy the coffee and discuss the business.



2. Why should we choose the co-working space for a side job?



There is one saying that care where you sleep, care where you work.

Of course, you need a full concentration when you want to succeed at the work, and not all the concentration comes from your commitment to succeed at the work.
Sometimes, the place where the work takes also be a part of the success too.



I would like to recommend the co-working space since it is like a full-option function where you can easily find it comfortable to use.
More than the workplace but you can feel it as a cafe since there are many drinks to choose from the normal water to hot cappuccino.


Secondly, the spacious place to protect us from getting close to strangers since we are all scared of the Covid-19.
There are many available seats and its types are flexible following your moods.



So what are you waiting for?

Give it a shot now!!!

I am waiting for your visit here at BasisPoint Cambodia.

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