2022.02.03 The plans after Chinese New Year

Hello guys, It’s been awhile after the New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year.

Hope you are all doing great and keep success in your work.

You guys may enjoy the holidays, and I am nothing but wish you safety and health during this holiday.



Today, I would like to write about what your plans are after the Chinese New Year.

If you plan to start a business, explore new things, take on the next challenge, just start doing it right now, let’s not waste time.


1. How do you manage your plan?



Before stepping into the next move, it is really good to set a plan and manage it. Whatever you manage, plan or prioritize goals and tasks, please don’t forget to take it slowly and carefully.


Taking your time to think about methods and ways it works, do not rush it or it won’t come out good the way you want it to be.


We do have a different way to push the plans. I believe you guys can do it your way and it will come out perfectly beautiful.


2. Where do you normally go when you plan something?



I love spending my time doing my favorite work at the quiet place to gather all my passion and give my all to it.

Don’t you agree with it?

Sometimes the distraction is getting worse to the point that we cannot get over it.


You don’t have much time to try to fight against the distraction by getting along with it until it takes over your time.

Step out and find the peaceful place to make your boundary now.


My plan after the Chinese New Year is to start being healthy and studying.

So I have already found the most comfortable place to be with me now.


Have you found one yet?
In case you haven’t, I would like to recommend you a BasisPoint Cambodia, a co-working space and private office rental service shop.



Its spacious coworking area will make you feel your private world, and absolutely yes, you will not be annoyed by the unnecessary things unlike when you stay up at home or in a cafe.


Com’on!!! Give it a shot!!!
It’s really one of a KIND!!!

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