2022.02.08 Coworking space for startups in Cambodia?

Hello everyone!


I’ve noticed that a lot of businesses are starting up in Cambodia lately.

It seems like the economy is coming back to life regardless of Covid-19.



In such a situation, what do you think about the initial investment of money when you start a business?

I think it’s important to keep expenses low and to eliminate wasted money!


Office space is one of those things that is very costly.
There are many people who spend a lot of money on office space and can’t perform at their best.

If you are thinking of starting a business, it would be safer to find a place where you can work alone.


For those people, I recommend a “coworking space”.



A coworking space can be rented for around $100 per month, with no initial investment and everything you need.

As the number of employees increases, you can increase your contract and rent more rooms.


Since contracts can be made according to customer needs, it is becoming popular with a wide range of people such as start-up companies, business trips, and students.



We hope you will try out the co-working space at BasisPoint Cambodia.

We have a lot of international customers, Cambodian companies, and university students using our space.


Here are three simple reasons why!


1) Open all year round



We are open 365 days a year with no vacations.

We are open until 22:00 on weekends and holidays, so you can work at any time.


2) Corporate contracts are also available


We are a company-friendly store where you can share coworking time, do all your billing in one place, and create an attendance.


3) Anyway, it’s spacious!


The coworking space alone is over 200 square meters, so you can use it in a spacious way.

You can maintain a social distance and not worry about the voices of those around you.


There are many more, but please come and visit us!

We are sure you will be satisfied with our store.

The staff is looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Are you looking for an office for short term use?
I’d prefer a remote preview of BasisPoint Cambodia!!