2022.02.15 I’d prefer a remote preview of BasisPoint Cambodia!!

Hello everyone!


The CoronaVirus is spreading again in Cambodia, how is everyone doing?

Let’s make sure we eat good food and keep our spirits up and try our best to avoid getting sick!!!



Today, I’d like to talk about “remote viewing“.


These days, I’m sure there are people who want to see the store in person but are afraid to do so.

But it’s hard to tell from pictures, and you want to see more details.


If that’s the case, why don’t you try a remote inspection!


Our staff will connect with you remotely and show you the interior.

Of course, we can also have a detailed meeting with you remotely afterwards.


Let me introduce you to some of the advantages!


1) You can actually see the place you want to see and discuss it with the customer.



After all, it is very convenient to discuss the details of the project while actually seeing the location.

It is easier for the customer to understand and for the staff to explain, making the meeting go more smoothly.


2) You can see the faces of the staff and feel at ease.



It is very important to know what kind of person you are actually going to talk to.


With a remote inspection, you can see the faces of the staff, so you can have a meeting with them with great peace of mind.


If possible, I would like to have a pleasant meeting with the customer while showing each other my face.


3) You can view the house as many times as you like.



As a matter of fact, once you’ve done a regular preview, it’s hard to go back a second time!

Some people feel uncomfortable with the people at the store, and some people don’t want to go to the store.

You can go to the remote inspection as many times as you want.


It’s very convenient because you can see the place until you are satisfied and you don’t have to come to the store.



What do you think?

Why don’t you take this opportunity to use Remote Interior Inspection?


We’re thinking of doing remote previews on a regular basis, so come on down and take advantage of it!

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