2022.02.19 A New Way to Work from BasisPoint Cambodia (Hybrid Work)

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Today, I’d like to talk about “hybrid work“!

Have you ever heard of this term?

It’s a term that I’ve been hearing little by little since CoronaVirus broke out.


What is “hybrid work“?

It’s a work style that combines working in an office with remote work!

To put it simply, it’s like working remotely 3 times a week and working in the office 2 times a week out of a work week!


There are many companies that have changed their work style since remote work became popular in the outbreak of CoronaVirus.

This is because there are more and more companies that are adopting remote work.

In such a situation, hybrid work is also on the rise!


The reason for this is that remote work also has its disadvantages


1) Lack of communication


If you don’t meet face-to-face, you may not be able to communicate and it may affect your work.



(2) Difficulty in managing employees’ health and labor management


It is a fact that it is difficult to manage important employees and some staff cannot manage their motivation.

The need for hybrid work is increasing to solve these problems.



However, it is very costly to have an office for hybrid work twice a week, isn’t it?

In fact, we are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from such companies and others about “coworking spaces”.

It is being used by many people who want to work two to three times a week.


So coworking spaces can answer the needs of how many times a week you want to use it, how many hours a month you want to use it, etc.

If you are a company or individual manager who is thinking about hybrid work, please visit us!



It’s very convenient, and I think you can work more productively1

Please consider how to incorporate it suitable for your company!

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