2022.03.07 3 uses for banquet halls in BasisPoint Cambodia

Hello everyone.


It is getting very hot, how are your physical condition?

Don’t overuse the air conditioner and take care of yourself!


Today, I will share with you three ways to use “Banquet hall“.


Banquet halls are venues that can be used for seminars and meetings for small to large groups.

We have received many inquiries from many people, so please take a look until the end.


(1) In-house meetings



Have you ever wanted to hold a meeting in a place that is a little more stylish and larger than a regular meeting?


Banquet halls can be used in many ways for important in-house meetings or meetings with important people.

The banquet hall can also be used for smaller groups, making it a popular choice for many people.


(2) Ceremony


Banquet halls can also be used for special occasions.

It can be used for ceremonies with in-house staff, year-end parties, and New Year’s parties.


We can also cater meals and prepare coffee and snacks.



(3) Seminars



In fact, we have received inquiries from many customers.

It can be used for up to 80 people, and desks and other arrangements can be made.


It is available for use by reservation up to the day before, and is conveniently located without the high threshold of a hotel banquet hall.

We also offer discounts for regular customers.


How was it?


We’ve given you three options for how to use it, but if you’re at all interested, please contact us!

We can tailor the way you use it to fit your budget!


See you at BasisPoint!

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