2022.03.15 The state of Co-working Space in Cambodia

The Covid19 continues to this day and many companies continue to be affected.

This pandemic has drastically changed the way you think about working in the corporate world.


People are changing their jobs, leaving their jobs, becoming freelancers, and making other major changes in their lives because of CoronaVirus.



In this context, coworking spaces have played a major role in this pandemic.

Besides sole proprietors, companies and others are very interested in them to increase worker satisfaction and retention.

Why is that?

1) Transition from remote work


Since remote work has become mainstream, we have found that it increases worker productivity except.

They were more available due to reduced communicating time, less communication stress, and more flexible work hours.


Many companies have found remote work attractive and have made the switch, but have not been able to sustain it for long.


The problem is that “worker motivation” is not ensured.

The reason is that it is difficult to communicate with co-workers, and it takes time to check the work.

The switch was made.


Hybrid work is what I mentioned last time.

This led to a reevaluation of coworking spaces.



2) What is required of coworking spaces


The above concept has led to the idea that the coworking space required by companies is one welfare program.

They wanted a place where workers could work in a non-intrusive and manageable manner.

While things such as internet speed are important, it is becoming more important to have a place where workers can work without stress.

This stress-free working style has prevented a decline in employee motivation.




3) Movements since the end of CoronaVirus


The way of working that will be required in the future is definitely “hybrid work”.

For this reason, it will be best for companies to make that groundwork now and use coworking spaces.

It is always late to waste work in a big office.


And the best benefit would be to eliminate the need for office rent and other expenses, thereby generating a lot of profit that can be passed on to employees.

Coworking spaces can support this trend.



How was that?

Depending on how you view these two years in CoronaVirus, the speed at which your company is growing is changing.


The companies that take this time to rethink their costs, rethink where they work, rethink their staffing philosophy, and respond quickly will win.

It’s not too late.


Please review your working style once again for the future growth of your company.

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