2022.03.21 What can co-working space be used for?

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The weather is getting hotter, which is a sign that Khmer New Year is soon approaching.

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Today, I would like to write about what co-working space can be used for?

What can co-working space be used for?


1.Remote Workstation

The current moment as COVID-19 threatens to shut down business and school, setting up employees seeking the remote place to work.

They still need to be productive during their time away from their office, yet staying at home to work is sometimes a distraction.


2. Flexible workspace

The co-working space creates a more balanced and sustainable relationship with their place of work.

Through accessing a network of inspiring and flexible workspaces, we help people find their flow to boost productivity and succeed at more of your best work.



3. Cafe

The unlimited refill drinks and many beverages menus have brought co-working space to be more popular among students and freelancers.

There is no more need of buying one coffee and stay hours.

Here, at co-working space, you can enjoy drinking as much as you want and stay many hours until you finish your work.


4. Online meeting zone

Since the internet speed is fast here, you don’t have to worry about working speed.

The remote work, undoubtedly, the online meeting is necessary.


Co-working space is spacious, so don’t worry about the sound leaking of any confidentiality.



Have you ever experienced these before? BasisPoint’s co-working space will help you to feel it yourself.


Come and join us now.
The staff is ready to give you a hand.

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