2022.03.25 What makes BasisPoint Cambodia Co-working Space Popular

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After sitting in front of the PC for long hours and having no idea what I should write, I finally came up with the idea of blogging about the uniqueness of Coworking Space at BasisPoint Cambodia.



I am going to mention 3 main things that make this co-working space unique.


1. Operation hours

Unlike the other space, BasisPoint Cambodia’s co-working space is open to welcome customers everyday including holidays and weekends.

The space is closed at 10 pm everyday.

A day pass customer can come and enjoy it from 9 am, while the monthly customers can come from 7:30 am.



2. Services package + Promotion

You may find the other co-working spaces have a day pass drop in and monthly.
At BasisPoint Cambodia, the daily drop in and monthly one become common for customers already.



But what makes it special is an by-hour drop in.

The customer finds it more comfortable for the payment by hour(s) they used.
There are promotions from 5 hours stay up to a day pass drop-in too.

Don’t forget to ask for it when you come!!!



3. Office + Coworking space

It’s FREE!!!
The co-working space of BasisPoint Cambodia can be used for free for the rental office space.

You pay for office space and you will get the co-working space for free.

It’s such a good deal, isn’t it?



There are more advantages that will amaze you!!!

What are you waiting for?
Come now and get it a try!!!

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