2022.03.31 Can coworking spaces be used for study?

Recently, we have often seen an increase in student store visits.

Why do you think that is?

I would like to explain this in light of the current situation in Cambodia.


1. The Situation of Students in Cambodia

Cambodia is currently a very young country with an average age of 24.


Many young people are studying hard, and it is common to see students studying with other students.

Many students study not only at school but also at home.


2. Where do they study?

Many of them use cafes and coworking spaces.

Cafes have become very convenient in recent years, and we can quietly see the presence of many students there.

Little by little, the number of coworking spaces is also increasing, and it seems that many people use them differently depending on the situation.



3. Should we use a café or coworking?

We believe that cafes can be used for talking, other noises and for chatting over a meal.


Coworking spaces can be used for study, such as doing homework or studying for a test.

It is useful when you do not want others to hear you, or you don’t want to be bothered.


4. What about the cost?

The cafe costs $2~3 for a drink and $4~5 for food.

It is good if you want to study while drinking your favorite flavored coffee.


I think a stay of about 2-3 hours is normal.

Because we focus on drinks, we do not rent or sell other items needed for studying.

The coworking space is $2.75 per hour and drinks are unlimited.

Coffee and soft drinks are also available.


If you use the space for a longer period of time, there are discounts available, so the cost goes down even further.


In fact, we have a very large number of customers who use the coworking space for 5 hours or more.


The reason for this is that we have everything you need to study.




White board

These items are available for rent, so everything can be completed in the store.



How do you like it?

A coworking space used by many students.

It can definitely be used for studying, and I believe that its use will increase more and more in the future.


Why don’t you use it too?

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