2022.04.01 3 best things about co-working space over a coffee shop

We all have witnessed the growth of coworking space in recent years.

The officer or employees don’t have to go to the office to finish their work until 5 or 6pm.

The freelancers, multitasked workers will surely get many benefits of remote working.

Mentioning remote working, the most concerning part about it is the workstation. Finding the place where the productivity won’t drop and at home it is a NO that you are going to give 100% to your work.

In this case, the coworking is the best so far compared to the coffee shop. The unlimited coffee and beverage drinks they provide is the most noticeable reason why co-working space is more preferred.

Though, the most best 3 things about co-working space are details as follows:


1. Undoubtedly working

When you are at home, all the work and chores will be mixed up. The work shift time is no longer effectively worked unless you isolate yourself somewhere else.

Working at a coffee shop is more secure but believe me you are going to be distracted by voices and unconsciously be into it too. Try co-working space!!!

The many surrendered influenced employees will give you strength. No doubt, working is no more an option just like at the coffee shop.


2. The provided amenities

Not only have the drinks been provided as mentioned in the pretext, but we are all understanding what the targeted customers need.

The non-stop working freelancers, the zoom conference employees won’t be ending up in the place where they only can access the drinks.
The internet speed, printer, remote space are what they prioritize.
Try co-working space!!! Just look at it and you know you will get more than enough.

3. The network connections

The network of professionals will definitely need space to be gathered by where business leaders and influencers are flocking. The skilled professionals, multi-tasking people, or the group of talented ones from many different industries will be showing up at the co-working space. No need to mention, but there is a high rate you are going to be influenced by just thier appearances.

The coffee shop is quite good but not great enough to be the best remote workstation. Choosing wisely as your working result depends on it but yes it is.

If you are looking for a co-working space in Phnom Penh, get in touch with us. Let’s see what we can help!!!

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